Gas burning smokers used for indoor and outdoor events

Gas burning smokers used for indoor and outdoor events

You can add value and fun to an indoor or outdoor event by introducing smokers for merry makers and fans to enjoy a bite from fresh barbecues. Gas burning smokers are ideal for such events; however, there are many factors to put into consideration when setting up a gas burning smoker. They include:

 Flow of air

There should be a free flow of air to avoid pollution through the smoke. An enclosed grill has a pipe that emits the smoke to the external environment, buy a smoker, which is able to direct the smoke to avoid disturbance to the guests. The aroma is required but at moderate levels. The outdoor event will require a closed grill since the air might interfere with the burning of the gas producing poorly prepared bites.


Food is a necessity for any event. Ensure you invest in a grill for the event which has an enclosed grill to avoid smoke emission to the venue. An open grill will emit smoke to the participants, especially at high temperatures.

 Gas efficiency

The event can be a commercial event or a charity event but you want to incorporate grilled meals free or at a subsidized cost. Choose a gas smoker, which has small holes in the burner. This means it regulates the amount of gas produced without compromising on the heat it produces. A gas efficient smoker saves time and money compared to a less gas efficient smoker.

 Enclosed grill

An enclosed grill with a vent to emit smoke and excess heat is ideal for an indoor event since there will be less interference with the normal programs of the day. The outdoor event might not have a choice you can opt for an open or a closed grill. Demand might force the organizers to have both smokers to meet various tastes of the visitors. However, gas burns well in a quiet airflow and not a high wind blowing environment.

 Size of the grill

When making a purchase for a smoker. A big-size grill is efficient for an event since it can grill many bites at the same time, saving gas, money and time. It will also add value to the event especially the impatient visitors. Manufacturers also specify on the purpose of the smoker. Buy a smoker for a commercial purpose, it is bigger and lasts longer.

 Temperature endurance

A good smoker is made from a metal, which can withstand both high and low temperatures(read in-depth review of barbecue equipment). Steel and cast iron are renowned for high heat conductivity and resistance. Sometimes you may need to grill meals at high temperatures or even use ice to cool, the temperature difference causes cracks in metals of poor heat conductivity. Buy a smoker with an inbuilt conductor to help you regulate the temperature of the grill.

 Any event whether outdoor or an indoor event is complete with a standby smoker to quench visitors thirst on grilled bites. The best choice of a grill will determine the success of the event by choosing based on a grill that fits your needs.

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