The Benefits of Using Ontraport Software for Your Event Planning Company

The Benefits of Using Ontraport Software for Your Event Planning Company

Traditional ways of marketing have a minimal impact compared to digital marketing strategies. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like Ontraport have given marketing a different niche and old companies have no option but to integrate them into their current marketing strategies. When planning your event, Ontraport offers great marketing tools which are easy and convenient at a very affordable cost of $297/month. It uses advanced technology internet and Emails  to market your event. Aside from Ontraport, we also have Convertkit which is suitable for marketing automation. 

Why use Ontraport for your Event Planning?

Ontraport in a business tool, which integrates all business functions in one toolkit. Instead of using a different toolkit to perform different functions Ontraport has all of them in one toolset and they are all automated and within a click, you can develop event marketing campaign tools, send them to your subscriber’s lists, get feedback and monitor the progress as you also run other marketing tools. Here are some of the benefits.

It is Affordable

Ontraport is a cheap marketing automation tool ideal for small businesses who do not have a big budget for the marketing department. Their pricing plan is suitable for companies with large subscriber lists since there are no extra costs on excess subscribers. In addition, there are no set-up costs, the monthly subscriptions caters for all that.

Integrated Marketing Solution

With the price, Ontraport has numerous features CRM tools, email marketing automation, WordPress integration, automatic Email responder, landing pages and site creators. All these are on one platform.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Ontraport has a system where you can multi-task on different tasks within the same platform. For example, you can send a text message, emails and send postcards about an upcoming event and use the same mailing lists and minimize them in different tabs.

Great Email Handling

Ontraport has a great platform in Email handling. Among competitors, Ontraport gives an upper hand in the handling of Emails that is sending and receiving. The Email platform service cannot be filtered and there we guarantee the recipient have the Emails in their inbox about your event. You can also monitor any action taken on the Emails. The tracking system ensures you do not miss any emails with notifications of any actions you are required to take.

Great Customer Service and Support

Ontraport has a great customer service, this ensures customers have timely responses and prompt actions are carried out. In a case of failure of the system, event organizers can always find them to offer help and ensure there is no failure of the event due to the software.

Awesome Mobile App

You can manage your event from the comfort of your home as long as you have the Ontraport mobile application, which has all the features: contacts, subscriber lists, CRM tools and lead generation. Once participants have enrolled for the event all their details are captured in a database for future communication and Email marketing campaigns.

Ontraport offers more than customers’ expectation. Online customer reviews have registered over expectation of the tool and recommend it at all times. Also, I have made some research and this website help me a lot in gaining additional knowledge. You can also check this out:


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